Oct 06

Hey guys, I’m always on the look out for new tools and programs to not only help me run my busy Lotto agency, but also to help me and my customers WIN.

I received an email during the week about a brand new software program coming out – I think it may also be Australian cos it has a .au domain name (but I coudl be wrong). There’s not much to read about, but here’s the link – www.mylotterysoftware.com

Personally, I’d kill for half of the things this software program say it does. I hope the actual product when it’s released matches it’s marketing hype.

You can sign up for a 7-day trail offer if you register your interest now. I did, it was free, there’s no commitment to buy it.

Til next time, Ben

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Aug 29

Hey folks, just a quick note (it’s been a while, sorry!). I’ve been getting a ton of emails lately about some spurious lottery system products / software on the internet.

May advice – BE CAREFUL. And always keep your receipt, in case you need to get a refund.

Do your research and only buy into systems that (a) work and (b) are backed-up by real people (not internet scams).

As you’ll see in my reviews (at right), I fully back winlottosystems because we use it at our agency, and on the few occasions I have questions, the Help Desk has been very quick to respond. Real people too.

It always take time to learn anything new, so be patient, follow the instructions, and expect BIG things. I do every day :-)

Good luck this week!

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Mar 15

*** Notice to ALL lottery players (esp my Syndicate customers) ***

Cover ALL of your lottery numbers in your favourite lottery.

For example, if you play Saturday Lotto, be sure that you have EVERY number 1 to 45 marked somewhere on your ticket (and don’t rely on Quick-Picks, cos they rarely do!!).

Last week, I experimented with another fly-by-night lotto system (no names just yet) which came highly recomended to me. Huh! What a scam, we lost over $250, and looking back I can see why… as Prof Will Foster suggests in his winlottosystems strategies…


(whereas this other dumb system suggested we stick to their computer-generated “hot” numbers)

It seems so simple when you think about it, but even I was tempted to try something different. Arghhh, what a stupid mistake (again, to all of my lovely syndicate players, I’m real, real sorry).

So, from this week, we’re back to using winlottosystems, and following the Professor’s advice.

If you want to know more about the Prof’s advice and amazing lotto system, click here.

Ben :-)


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Feb 01

Hi there, I just wanted to add that after re-reading Professor Will Foster’s ebook again (which come with the winlottosystems software), his lotto prize-winning strategies are the BEST I have ever seen.

They make sense, there’s no fluff, and most importantly THEY WORK.

In fact, without these strategies, his amazing software just wouldn’t work.

I’m a big advocate for this guy, so click HERE if you want to visit the real winlottosystems website…

or click HERE to read my UNBIASED (the good, the bad and ugly) review of winlottosystems Premium.

see ya, Ben


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Jan 03

Hi guys, and all of my loyal customers out there!

I realised I hadn’t posted anything for ages, so here’s a quick wrap on the progress of my trial of winlottosystems, the neat Aussie-made lottery systems software I started using late last year…

Click here to read my UNBIASED REVIEW of winlottosystems Premium …

We’ve been using winlottosystems every week since October 2010 (something like 22 Draws, I think), and this is what has happened:

  • My in-house syndicate has won an average of 1.2 smaller division cash prizes EVERY week;
  • We have recouped approx 40% of our outlays which is extraordinary when you compare it to other systems; and
  • I now have a waiting list of customers who want to play in these syndicates becuase they are so successful.

No, we have not won the BIG million dollar prize (yet!) but… everyone is powerfully motivated to keep playing (which is half the battle).

Maybe next week?

catchya, Ben


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Nov 12

Hey, it’s Ben here.

You’re about to read my review of what i really thought about winlottosystems software and its related freebies.

Note, that this is a review, so if you’re looking for the winlottosystem’s website, then click here.

But be warned, I’ll be going into the good AND the bad, so if that’s not something you want to hear, then you may as well leave now.

Overall Impression

Very good. Here’s why…

In my humble opinion, winlottosystems software (and the strategies the author describes in his ebook) is designed for people who want to know how to win the lottery by winning a consistent stream of smaller cash prizes, all the while chasing the million-dollar jackpot. This it does in spades.

Once I absorbed the contents of the accompanying “how-to” ebook (couple of days), I started to play around with the lotto system software. I found it very easy to use, and within 10 minutes I was designing my own winning lotto strategy.

screen shot of winlottosystems prize checking resultsSo far, I have used the software for two weeks with one of my biggest ($400) in-house syndicates. Last week, we won $225. Then, this week we won a whopping $1,257.

We WON 5 TIMES as many lotto prizes than our typical 2-weekly average. Okay, that impressed me big time.

So, rather than wait 10 or 20 weeks to tally a long-term result, I decided to plug the strategies prescribed by winlottosystems (and it’s author) into my computer, and test them against the actual (historical) weekly draws of Australia’s biggest lottery.

Here’s what I discovered – IF we had played winlottosystems during this period, we would have won an average of 6 small cash prizes each week, and recouped approx 43% of our weekly spend. That’s about 10 times better than your average punter!!

The Good…

  • The winlottosystems software DOES what it says it will do – it DID win many more lotto prizes than I expected, for no more than I (actually, my in-house lotto syndicate) was already spending;
  • The system can be used by individual lotto players, and big time syndicates. Suits any budget, but naturally, the more you spend, the more you can expect to win (but never spend more than you’re prepared to lose).
  • Although focused on winning the smaller lotto prizes, this system WILL give you an equal (dollar-for-dollar) chance of winning the jackpot;
  • Ideal for all Australian lotteries, and I expect it will work with every other major lottery in the world;
  • winlottosystems offers a unique more-than-your-money-back guarantee as well – you either win back the cost of the software within 8 weeks, or you get $100 cash back (that alone convinced me that this lotto wheeling system must be the real thing); and
  • It’s Australian designed and made (okay, maybe I’m a little biased on this point!!)

The Bad…

  • There’s no free trial (but it does come with a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee).
  • It took me a couple of days to absorb the information in the ebook. It wasn’t technical, it was just radically different to what most “lotto experts” tell you;
  • You have to mark your own lottery coupons. That’s not unusual, but it might become tiresome if you change your numbers every week.
  • It does not predict or forecast next week’s winning lotto numbers (but , of course, there is no system that can).

In conclusion…

My lotto shop has decided to adopt winlottosystems for all of it’s syndicates.

So, if you’re wanting to know how to win lotto up to 10 times more frequently than you’re doing right now, I’d recommend that you give winlottosystems a go.

Click this link to visit the winlottosystems website.

winlottosystems gets my only 5 STAR review.

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Nov 03

Hi guys, just had to let you know that we won $225 in the first week of testing winlottosystems software. WOW!! Maybe it’s just a fluke, I don’t know…

But I do know that a consistent winning lotto system is hard to come by, much less believe.

Click this link to visit the real winlottosystems website.

Let’s see what happens next week, and the week after…

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Oct 28

Hi, it’s Ben again.

Just wanted to let you know that so far, I’m really impressed with the author’s (Will Foster) notes about how to win the lottery – they’re contained in the 54 page how-to ebook which comes with the software.

I’ve seen a ton of lotto systems come and go, but already I like this one. It seems genuine. No fluff, no filler, just the facts. Oh, and it’s definitely NOT a “get rich quick scheme” in case you’re wondering.

He’s also published 12 years of actual data (including the ACTUAL numbers he plays each week, which is unbelievable, not to mention highly unusual) that convinced me that winlottosystems software really does win lotto prizes frequently. In fact, a couple of his lotto systems have won a handful of cash prizes every week for the past 12 years!!!

It almost seems too good to be true.

So, this week, I’ve decided to run one of his systems with my biggest in-house syndicates and test it for myself, with real money.

Stay tuned (be sure to bookmark this page)…

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Oct 22

picture of winlottosystems package

Hey, it’s Ben here.

A few days ago, I purchased one of the newest lotto systems on the net called “winlottosystems” (there’s a picture of it here I copied off the site).

If you’re looking for the real winlottosystems website then click here.

A customer of mine (Dave) told me about it some time ago, and I’ve finally gotten round to having a look myself. From what I can read, it’s all about how to win lotto prizes frequently, yet every game you play gives you a crack at the big one. Dave says it’s the reason he collects a steady stream of small prizes every month (which is true, he does).

Anyway, you’re probably thinking why am I writing this?

Well, when I was thinking of buying winlottosystems I couldn’t find any real reviews to get a second opinion, so I thought i’d write one quickly to help any of you who are in the same position as I was.

I’ll be going into both the good AND the BAD, so if it doesn’t live up to its marketing hype, I’ll be sure to tell you.

Speak to you soon…

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